Finding JOY through art, play, dance, music, song,
gathering, sharing and the celebration of YOU.

This is where we create a sacred space to grow, learn, heal, release
and connect with new Sis-Stars.

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lean into the darkness
feel the silence
sighing within your shadows
be still
be calm
on this Solstice day

oh sacred day
shortest day
longest night
on this day we celebrate
Mother Earth as she begins
her journey around the Sun

return oh sun
to lengthen our days
show us your brilliance
even during this darkest night
warm us with your fires

bless the dormant Earth with celebration
with this our ritual
we honor your return
as you give birth
to the JOY of Springtime
and longer days~

~ Grace Kirkwood ~

Solstice Morning 2018

How would it feel . . . to be a woman at peace with herself and the world?
One who addresses her own conflicts, no matter what anyone else says?
One who takes responsibility of her own path of consciousness?
One who loves herself just the way she is?

How would it feel to be a woman who respects herself, loves herself, and will not compromise her feelings for any one or any thing?

How would it feel to be a woman who stands up for herself in conflict?
One who is unshakable in her power as she rewrites history?
She stands up for herself at the first sign of intrusion into her personal space.
She has the insights to nurture and make the world a better place.
She is a gift to all.

She values her journey, never looking back with regret.
Every step along the way has been a gift.
She is enough.
She is the author of her life.

She stands up courageously in the face of adversity, in the wake of past traditions that have belittled women in the past, and even now.
She is poised to be part of this evolutionary shift.
She does not need to join the masses to let the world know who she is.
She has no need to march or demonstrate.
She knows she is complete within.

She does not feel the need to be in an assertive role or act like a man in order to be effective.
She is simply in touch with her sense of compassion and intuition to truly show her depth of strength.
She graciously accepts change as it comes.

She is love.
She is worthy.
She is valued.
She is complicated.
She is simple.
She is authentic.
She does not react to life, but instead responds to it.
She defines her boundaries.
She knows and expresses how she feels.
She lives from the inside out, not the outside in.
She refuses drama and being someone she is not.
She represents her true self.
She takes responsibility for her actions.
She forgives herself and others.
She releases all judgment.
She is laughter.
She is JOY.

She knows there will be opposition when she speaks her truth.
But what does it matter?
She accepts change and responds to it from a place of love, without judgment.
She remains loyal to herself regardless of the harsh, insignificant words of others.
Their words reflect their own inner self, whether it be anger, words that ridicule or their fears.

She will not be moved by their words.
She is planted in her truth.

She knows it's OK not to be accepted.
Her truth is not their truth and that's OK.
She walks, not in the shadows of her ancestors, but in the light of who she is Now.

How would it feel to know a woman who celebrates her uniqueness?
One who owns her body and will share it with only those she chooses?
One who will not tolerate inappropriate behavior from any man?

How would it feel to know a woman who respects the choices of other women and men?
A woman who does not see other women, or men, as a threat?
They are not her choosing, nor do they complete her.

There is no competition in her world.
No comparison.
Only cooperation and collaboration.
She continues to develop empowering, spiritual, intelligent and authentic relationships.
Her completion comes from within as she trusts her inner self and lets go of the desire for approval.
She asserts herself as a powerful statement with her every action.
She follows her instincts, her creativity and trusts her freedom of expression.

She values all the beautiful and nurturing women and men in her life and respects their journey.
She trusts and respects herself fully and reaches out her hand for other women and men to follow and join her.
She is the thread in the tapestry of love and support of all women and men living authentically from the inside out.
She knows her light can light a thousand candles by sharing her true self through happiness and JOY.

How would it feel to know a woman like that?
How would it feel to BE a woman like that?

~ Grace Kirkwood ~


The Empowered Woman

The Empowered Woman is extraordinary as a human being.
She is misunderstood because she is different in her kind spirit, intelligent mind and big,
loving heart.
Most people don't understand the difference between her and other women.
They can't embrace her depths and don't know how to act around her.

She is brave, bold and strong-headed.
She is very comfortable with who she is.
She owns herself.
She is not afraid to speak her mind.
She is extremely self-aware of all her strengths and weaknesses.
She is continually working on herself to evolve and become better and better.

Other people don't get her because they think she is going to change
for them.
An Empowered Woman will never do that because even
though she is open-minded and open to change, she will never
change her essence for someone else.

Deep down, she has a golden heart.
She is the least to be judgmental of people and accepts and understands every person.
She gives people chances because she believes in the good of all people.
She never gives up on people she loves and cares about.
Instead, she fights for them until the end.

She looks for beauty in everything around her.
This is why other people often call her naive.
Mostly she is confident and other times insecure.
She is anxious and calm, bored and excited.
She feels other people’s energy and feelings.
They become her own.
Others think of her as “over-sensitive” and “too emotional”.

The Empowered Woman loves passionately.
She loves life and adores children.
She loves food, music, traveling and animals.
People often perceive this as being desperate and don't understand
her commitment to pouring her heart into everything she does.

She radiates with positivity and her eyes are always smiling.
People often mistake this optimism for being fake or too enthusiastic.
She is recognized, praised and most of all celebrated and worth fighting for.

She is thoughtful and thinks and feels everything....happiness, pain and pleasure.
She considers every detail and strives to find what's hidden beneath the surface.
She sees things that you are not even aware of because it takes a deep and special person to understand what's in the heart of an Empowered Woman.

~ Grace Kirkwood ~

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JOYful Gatherings

During the Gatherings, we support one another,
meditate together, sing, dance, listen and speak.
Our extended family of loving women stay connected consciously
and meaningfully with self-healing, self-awareness and self-love in this safe space.
We make deep connections, getting clear about what we want in our lives,
and learn from one another as we seek more JOY in every area of our lives.
So, come with an open heart and mind as we walk together
on the pathway of discovering a deeper knowledge of ourselves.

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