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What is Interactive Art?

It's a fun, collaborative process where each person participates in your painting. Add a squiggle, texture or color, pass the painting and add lines, borders or your own style to the next painting. Learn life's little gifts along the way. Everyone goes home with a completed painting and new friends.

Get creative and express your Inner Child's need for play. Explore your artistic creativity . Heal from within and express your emotions through art.
No artistic experience necessary.
Join the fun.
All supplies included.


No experience necessary.
Paint what you feel.
No judgments!
No need for perfection!
No pressure.
After all . . . It's YOUR Party!
Relax, play and bring out your Inner Child.
Everyone goes home with a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
No two paintings are alike.
All materials and supplies included.

"That was the most fun I have had in a long time.
Not only did I get to be creative but I met new friends
and had a wonderful time." ~ Sue R. ~

What a blast! At first I was apprehensive and
didn't know if I could do this but Mazi showed us techniques and interspersed little words of wisdom along the way.
I would so do this again." ~ Amy B. ~

"Talk about fun! I love my painting and have it
hanging where I can look at it every day." ~ Patti G. ~

Remember when you were a child and coloring or painting was one of your favorite things to do? But then, we become adults and we look at coloring and painting as something you only do as a child.

So why are we as adults so serious? When did we stop playing and allow daily stress to take over our lives?

As you may have noticed, coloring has taken the world by storm. And now, with Interactive Art and Zen-dala Workshops, painting and coloring has rejuvenated adults into finding JOY, relaxation and healing from coloring and painting.

Y.E.S. the Arc Interactive Art Workshop
"Thank you so much. Everyone hasn't stopped talking about it." Melanie S.

Camp Verde Pecan and Wine Festival

To live is to play.

What is is about coloring or painting, or art, for that matter, that draws adults into this mindful, calm state?

The Journey begins when:

1. Stress and anxiety are decreased. Art puts you in a meditative state and allows your mind to let go of thinking. It helps you focus on being creative and almost magically disconnects you from stress.

2. It awakens the Inner Child. We all are children at heart, but we don't express our Inner Child or give ourselves permission to do things we did when were were children. Our Inner Child carries our wounds but when we are at play we send messages to our brain that it's OK to be our former playful selves.

3. Any form of ART acts as an escape from our fast paced world of work, news, technology and daily life. It seems that sometimes we don't even have a moment to ourselves. But when we do art, coloring, painting or drawing, it is the escape we all seek and the stillness we so desperately want in our every day lives.

4. Art puts us in the present moment, in the NOW. When we quiet our minds, art puts us in a meditative state. Time stands still. We no longer feel the need to look for outside stimuli for satisfaction. Coloring, drawing or painting gives us the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and keeps us in the present moment.

5. Art invites positive thoughts and emotions. When you are doing anything creative, there is no room for negative thoughts. You have the freedom to be just you and to create whatever you want through imagination and creative thoughts.

So . . . get in touch with your playful side and approach life as a child.
When we are in touch with our Inner Child we can create anything we desire.
You may surprise yourself with your creativity.
And you don't have to claim any artistic talent either.
Just BE!

Do you have an event attracting large crowds?
Create an Interactive Art Space for everyone
to participate in a Large Scale Community Project.
Contact us for more details.


How did Interactive Art begin?

I was living in the Los Angeles, California area in 2009 and attended a BIL Conference on the Queen Mary. This self-organizing Conference is is a global community of people who have a passion for sharing ideas, bringing people and communities together through intense collaborative learning.

OK, it was a "geek" gathering and I was pleasantly surprised to see a gal set up with paintings all around her. It drew me in and I was, of course, curious as to what she was doing.

On several long tables, she had some colorfully painted canvases, paints and brushes. She invited me to come over and get creative. She didn't have to ask me twice. I took a photo of the already-started-painting before I began and then painted my contribution on the canvas in shades of purple. Other people had joined me and we all had some creative fun together. I snapped another picture of what I had added to the painting before I left.

Later, I went back to the table and found the painting that I participated in looked much different after others had added their creativity to it. It was exciting to see the progress in the various paintings.

I later found out that the gal who was inspired to do this worked at an art gallery in LA and was going to set up a show with these paintings and donate the money to charity. What a great idea! And I didn't even get her name.

I stayed in California for several years longer, without even giving a second thought to what had transpired at that BIL Conference. It wasn't until we moved to the Sedona area that I was thinking about holding some art classes at OLLI when I got the idea of doing Interactive Art Workshops based on my experience on the Queen Mary. Thank you to the gal who inspired me, wherever you are.

And that's how it all began.

I hope that you will participate with me in creating beautiful, spontaneous masterpieces in an upcoming class or host a workshop of your own.

Contact me for more information.


“If you hear a voice within you say,
‘You cannot paint,’
then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”
~ Vincent van Gogh 1883 ~