Blessings on Our Journey with Mother

She shares her JOY, her
plants, her healing with Us. She is a living, breathing, conscious
entity. Our Goddess of wisdom, compassion, and healing power.

We are grateful to her
for blessing us with healing herbs.
Chaparral, also known as Larrea tridentata, Creosote or Greasewood
is a medicinal herb. In Mexico it is called Gobernadora which means
“governess” in Spanish and in Sonora it is commonlly called
This unusual plant has the ability to secure more water by inhabiting
the growth of plants that grow near it.

Here in the Verde Valley
where it grows abundantly we harvest it.



How do you chose JOY in your life?
One of the best ways is to start taking care of your skin, your largest
organ in your body.
We have been blessed with all the nourishment and nutrients right
here on this earth.
Growing here in the Verde Valley of Arizona is one of the most healing
plant on Earth called Chaparral (also known as Creosote or Greasewood).

The properties it has far exceed that of many other plants. After
all, it’s been around for 11,700 years.


If our lives are a journey then we might as well make
it JOYful.
So what it JOY? It’s feeling of intense happiness. And doens’t everyone
want that?
However, many of us go through our lives feeling little JOY because
of all the stress in our lives and we are too busy doing other things.

We live here where stress rules us and we have no time for JOY.
What happens next is that we carry our stress around with us for years
and years and soon our body has something wrong with it
and then we have even less time in our lives for JOY.

Taking care of our bodies

s like the importance of gratitude, forgiveness, love
and compassion as well as the significance of intention and priorities.



Nourish your life, Nourish your skin,
We use all natural and organic ingredients, free of any harmful chemicals.
When we gather Chaparral we first do a ceremony thanking Mother Earth
for her abundant gift of Chaparral and it’s healing properties.

Secondly we bless all those who are going to use it
and benefit from it.
Trading lightly on Mother Earth, we then do a meditation, drum ceremony,
sing and dance in honor of Her.

Your tips for meditation:
1. Create a routine preferably the same time every day, perhaps before
getting into the routine of your day and before you go to bed at night.

2. Set the scene for your meditation in a calm, quiet place where
you know you won’t be disturbed by other, computer devises or interruptions.
3. Make yourself comfortable either sitting or lying down. Don’t get
too comfortable that you fall asleep although that is OK too.
4. Let your thoughts come and go like the waves on the ocean. Thank
them for showing up and allow them to drift back out to sea.
5. Start your practice slowly, perhaps five to ten minutes per day.
You can even do a short meditation during the day when the time is
6. Find some outside motivation to help you continue your practice
so you can get support from others who meditate.

SunScreen. Let me ask you . . . that sunscreen product
you buy at the drug store, would you eat it?
I didn’t think so. Then why would you put it on and in your body?

Our sunscreen is made with organic olivel, grape seed and coconut
oils and bees wax straight from the hives in Prscott, Arizona.

Deeply nourishing for dry skin
It’s a healthy way to replenish your skin with the moisture it craves
during summer months.


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